In Vietnam, plastic packaging achieved a growth rate of 25% per year, accounting for the highest proportion of revenue in the structure of the plastic industry (38 - 39%). This sector plays the role of an important auxiliary product for many manufacturing industries in Vietnam such as Food, Beverage, Chemicals and cosmetics, etc. According to the Vietnam Plastics Association (VPA) report, there are approximately 460 plastic packaging companies out of 2,000 plastic companies operating in Vietnam. These packaging companies contribute to over 60% of Vietnam’s annual export sales.

The current plastic packaging market is divided into two main segments: flexible packaging and rigid packaging. Vietnam's flexible packaging market can be segmented into 2 categories namely mono-layered (agricultural films, shopping bags, garbage bags) and multi-layered. Of which, multi-layered segment mainly serves high quality and strict hygiene safety requirements such as F&B, and pharmaceuticals.

Advantages of Vietnam’s plastic packaging products

Many Vietnamese manufacturers offer customized products, allowing businesses to tailor their plastic packaging to their specific needs and preferences. This can include customizing the size, shape, colour, and material of the packaging to match the branding and marketing requirements of the business. Plastic packaging enterprises in Vietnam also invest in new technology lines to produce high-class packaging products which meet strict standards of quality, food and hygiene safety of fastidious markets.

In addition, many plastic packaging manufacturers in Vietnam are investing in research and development to improve the sustainability of plastic packaging production, as well as promoting recycling and waste reduction initiatives. They opt for greener materials, including environment-friendly plastic resins, chemicals, and additives.