In recent years, Vietnamese plastic toys have been increasingly making their mark on the global market.

Safety is one of the most important factors which contribute to the success of Vietnam’s toy products. Vietnamese plastic toy products meet the safety standards of demanding markets such as the US, the EU, Japan, etc. Toy products are made of virgin ABS plastic and safe materials, they have to pass the safety tests in compliance with the domestic standard QCVN 03/2009 and the international standard EN 71 for Toys and Children’s Products. The manufacturers use modern equipment and advanced technology to ensure that the quality of their plastic toy products meets the highest standards. Moreover, each product is put under strict quality control systems before launching into the market.

Vietnamese plastic toy products are also highly valued for their diversity. The manufacturers put lots of effort into researching and designing new products for children to ensure that the toys are not only attractive but also useful and engaging for children. They offer a wide range of categories such as puzzle toys, remote control toys, model toys, educational toys, and many others. With lower production costs, plastic toys made in Vietnam are competitively priced compared to other countries. 

With their commitment to safety, creativity, and innovation, Vietnamese manufacturers are gaining a reputation as reliable and competitive players in the global toy industry. However, exporting plastic toys also comes with challenges. Stringent safety and quality regulations in some markets require Vietnamese manufacturers to invest in research and development to meet the high standard and enhance competitiveness in the international market.