Welcome to WTP Group (World Trade Partners), a leading financial consulting partner in Vietnam.

Are you searching for a high-quality partner in the fields of financial management, accounting, and taxation? Choose to collaborate with us for your success.


WTP Group takes pride in being a reliable partner for businesses seeking to enhance their management capabilities for global integration. We possess an ecosystem of 20 subsidiary companies that support enterprises. Among these, ATP Accounting Company, equipped with an experienced and battle-tested team in both domestic and international financial management, accounting, and taxation, is poised to provide top-notch services that save time and resources, allowing you to focus on developing your core business without the worry of complex accounting and taxation issues.


1. Professional Accounting Services: Effective accounting management can be a headache for many businesses, especially when dealing with complex accounting regulations. We commit to solving these challenges by providing professional accounting services, including:

  • Financial Statement Preparation: Advising and executing accurate and comprehensive financial statements to ensure compliance with Vietnamese and international standards
  • Accounting Consultation: Offering advice on financial management and accounting within your business, from setting up financial records to optimizing accounting processes.
  • Business Financial Management: Providing guidance in constructing and implementing financial management strategies, encompassing forecasting, financial planning, and monitoring financial performance.

2. Efficient Taxation Services: Handling taxes requires a solid grasp of tax regulations and the ability to optimize tax payments. We helps alleviate the burden and optimize taxes through services such as:

  • Tax Consultation: advising on tax policies and aiding in understanding and adhering to tax regulations and procedures, from personal income tax to value-added tax and other types of taxes and fees, helps businesses minimize violations and optimize tax payments.
  • Tax File Handling: Advising and processing monthly, quarterly, and yearly tax files, ensuring accuracy and compliance with deadlines
  • Tax Refund Consultation and Handling: Advising and efficiently handling tax refunds, minimizing costs

3. Financial Consultation: To achieve sustainable development, businesses need a clear financial strategy. WTP supports you in building and executing smart financial plans, including:

  • Investment Consultation: Providing advice on evaluating investment opportunities and helping you devise financial plans based on your goals and financial situation.
  • Cash Flow Management: Advising on monitoring and efficiently managing cash flow to ensure financial stability
  • Capital Optimization: Providing guidance on optimizing capital structures and ensuring the most effective use of capital resources

Interested partners are encouraged to get in touch with our experts for dedicated and effective consulting. Contact information:

  • Company Name: WTP Investment Consulting Company
  • Tax ID: 0316766866
  • Address: 73 Street 43, Tan Quy Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Hotline: +84942919099
  • Email: crm@wtp.vn
  • Website: https://atpaccounting.com.vn/

We look forward to serving you with the utmost dedication and professionalism.



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