Vietnam's workwear export potential
The workwear market category is highly vast and has significant expansion potential. Vietnamese firms can utilize up to 80% of domestic fabrics and accessories. These aspects help cut costs and expedite delivery to foreign partners, consequently increasing our country's export revenue from workwear. In addition, Vietnamese businesses have innovated and implemented scientific and technological advancements to manufacturing in order to fulfill the global demand for consumption and maintain production and exports in order to retain personnel. Increasing production and exports of critical items, such as masks, workwear, medical clothes, gloves, hard hats,...

The manufacturing of workwear in the factory (VnEconomy)

Regarding export procedures for workwear

The Resolution 20/NQ-CP dated February 28, 2020 prohibits the export of medical masks for commercial purposes during the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control period. The export of the remaining protective equipment, including workwear, is permitted as usual.

  • Customs documents: Include whole set of docs as usual: contract, bill and packing slip
  • Documentation demonstrating the lawful provenance of exported workwear: Input and purchase bills, as well as domestic contracts.
  • Items such as workwear may be subject to inspection at any moment, thus workwear exporters must be prepared for inspection as soon as the export declaration is opened.

The production of workwear has existed for a long time, but textile and apparel businesses are not paying it sufficient attention at present. In light of the significant growth of workwear export orders, firms must foster close ties to supplier chains in order to mutually utilize the workwear market segment and increase their market share. export market.