Welcome to WTP Group (World Trade Partners), a global business promotion partner.

Are you in search of a reliable partner to expand your business into Vietnam market? Choose to collaborate with us for your success.


WTP Group stands as a pioneering and trustworthy entity in the realm of international trade promotion. Our commitment rests on delivering optimal solutions for market expansion, brand establishment, and bolstering the global presence of enterprises. We recognize that the international business landscape necessitates acumen, profound expertise, and an extensive network. Endowed with a team of seasoned experts possessing rich experience and deep insights into the global market, WTP exudes confidence in furnishing groundbreaking solutions to empower businesses to surmount challenges and thrive vigorously.


  • Trade Promotion into Vietnam: We extend support to FDI enterprises in penetrating and flourishing within the Vietnamese market. From market research and partner scouting to crafting marketing strategies and executing trade promotion activities, we walk alongside businesses to ensure the utmost efficacy.
  • Seminars, Exhibitions, and Corporate Visits: We organize and participate in international events, seminars, exhibitions, and corporate visits to aid enterprises in cultivating relationships, showcasing products and services, and exploring novel opportunities.
  • Strategic Trade Consultation: We offer comprehensive strategic trade consultation, spanning market analysis, competitive analysis, marketing strategy formulation, and product/service development.
  • Legal and Management Services: Our array of services encompasses legal, financial, accounting, tax, and human resources consultation, guaranteeing safe and efficient business operations within Vietnam.

With unwavering dedication and profound knowledge, WTP Company pledges to accompany businesses through every cross-border stride, shaping a future of prosperity. We take pride in being a reliable partner to enterprises and consistently stand prepared to actualize genuine value in the realm of global development.

Valued partners who are interested are kindly invited to reach out to our experts for dedicated and effective guidance. Contact Information:

  • Company Name: WTP Investment Consulting Company
  • Tax ID: 0316766866
  • Address: 73 Street 43, Tan Quy Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Hotline: +84942919099
  • Email: crm@wtp.vn
  • Website: https://wtp.vn



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