Vietnam has emerged as one of the new personal protective equipment (PPE) suppliers globally.

Vietnam has emerged as a hub for  personal protective equipment (PPE) manufacturing in recent years, thanks to its low-cost labor and abundant resources. The export of PPE from Vietnam has seen tremendous growth in the past year, with exports reaching $4.4 billion in 2020, up from $1.2 billion in 2019. This growth can be attributed to the country's quick response to the pandemic and the efficient mobilization of resources to produce PPE.

 Production of medical masks at a garment factory. (Source: Kinhtedothi)

Vietnamese manufacturers of PPE have been able to quickly adapt to changing market conditions, resulting in a surge in production capacity. Also, manufacturers have invested in new technologies and machinery to enhance the quality and efficacy of their production operations. This has made Vietnamese PPE products attractive to buyers from around the world, including the United States, Europe, and other countries in Asia. The United States was the largest market for Vietnamese PPE exports, accounting for 26% of total exports, followed by Japan (22%), and South Korea (18%). 

The Vietnamese government has played a key role in supporting the export of PPE from the country. The government has established a number of policies and programs to support PPE manufacturers, including tax incentives and export financing. However, due to the increasing global demand for PPE, Vietnamese enterprises must ensure that the exported PPE meets the quality and safety standards required by the importing countries. To address this, the Vietnamese government has established regulations to regulate the export of PPE and ensure that the products meet the required standards.